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Saudi Arabia Sovereign Fund Puts a Further US$45 Bil into Japan’s SoftBank

Saudi Arabia’s fledgling sovereign fund is putting in a further US$45 billion into Matsumoto Son’s famed Softbank, which in turn holds known technology companies like Alibaba, Sprint, Uber, Didi Chuxing, WeWork, Nvidia, and many others. This money follows a previous

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Jordan’s Fintech Startups Could Score up to $3 Mil out of a $30 Mil Fund

The Middle East has been ramping up its efforts to fund fintech initiatives lately, seemingly throughout their life cycles until they become a corporation. Jordan’s Arab Bank is prepared to give out something between $1 million to $3 million to promising

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Top 10 Most Well-Funded Fintech, Insurtech Startups in the Middle East

In the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, the fintech industry is rapidly growing with the number of fintech startups in the region more than doubling between 2013 and 2015. According to experts and industry observers, the staggering 86%

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