Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Integrates Personal Finance Management App

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Integrates Personal Finance Management App

ADCB has gone live in the United Arab Emirates with its personal finance management (PFM) application built on Strands’ technology. The MoneyBuddy app helps ADCB customers understand and manage their finances in a smarter and more independent way.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is introducing a new way of communicating with its clients, focusing on a transformative user experience and offering their users all the tools they need to get a 360º snapshot of their entire financial world.

The app was developed by Strands  and was selected by ADCB as their key FinTech partner for that journey.

More than half a million ADCB customers can already benefit from the MoneyBuddy PFM app functionalities, allowing them to:

  • Track their spending, savings goals and budgets
  • Predict how purchases will impact their overall financial health
  • Understand their monthly cash flow so they’re never caught unaware

Moreover, to speed up the customer onboarding process in MoneyBuddy, iOS users are able to log into the app through Face ID, a biometric facial recognition technology.

ADCB MoneyBuddy

image via ADCB Apple Store


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