Author: Aaron Davis, Director of Product Marketing, OneSpan


Aaron Davis

Aaron is a seasoned technology product leader who brings over 15 years' experience in developing go to market strategy across diverse industries including cybersecurity, mobility, and IoT. Aaron works closely with enterprise customers to understand their approach to optimizing customer facing workflows through digitization and is passionate about digital transformation. As Director of Product Marketing at OneSpan, he leads up the go to market strategy and execution for OneSpan Sign, the company’s digital agreement solutions portfolio.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards digitisation. Suddenly, government agencies, organisations, and businesses of every industry have been thrust into a world of remote processes, and the need for technology that enables business continuity has never been higher. Businesses are transforming customer-facing transactions and the customer experience as a whole by shifting away from paper and towards the adoption of electronic signatures across the enterprise. Along the way, they’re leveraging new technologies like digital identity verification to optimise higher risk digital processes and videoconferencing with co-browsing to reintroduce the human element to remote customer transactions. Electronic signatures play a…

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