QIB Launches Himyan Prepaid Card, a National Initiative by Qatar Central Bank

QIB Launches Himyan Prepaid Card, a National Initiative by Qatar Central Bank

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) introduced a new Prepaid Card “Himyan”, the first Qatari national prepaid card, to all existing customers, residents, and visitors of Qatar allowing secure payments within Qatar.

The first Qatari national prepaid card is an initiative of the Qatar Central Bank with its own trademark in Qatar, as part of its efforts to develop electronic payment services and enhance financial inclusion in the country. The name of the card comes from the moneybag used by merchants in ancient Arabia.

As part of QIB’s efforts to support the national vision and enhance financial inclusion, QIB customers and non-banking customers, including visitors holding a valid QID or visa can apply for the Himyan Prepaid Card via the QIB Mobile App or by visiting the branch and filling out the required application form.

Minors can also apply with a valid QID and a guardian who is a QIB customer. The new Prepaid card can only be used within Qatar providing flexibility to customers in their daily spends, in addition to monitoring and controlling expenses and purchases. The new card allows transactions locally via the NAPS network at all sale points, ATMs, and local online shopping websites.

In addition to the flexibility of the Himyan Prepaid Card, customers can benefit from contactless feature, reaffirming QIB’s commitment to offer a seamless banking experience. Himyan cardholders can use their cards to pay locally in a safe and secure manner since all transactions are made locally via the NAPS network. Additionally, the Himyan Prepaid Card does not require a minimum account balance for issuance.

Mr. D. Anand, QIB’s General Manager – Personal Banking Group said:

“We are excited to launch the Himyan Prepaid Card, a new addition to our extensive and diversified line-up of cards. This new card comes at a perfect time, when we are witnessing an influx of visitors in the country, allowing them to pay securely within Qatar as part of the country’s efforts to develop electronic payments systems and a cashless society. This gives our customers and non-customers yet another option to pay securely using a national prepaid card with many advantages”.