It’s Crypto-Winter, but Here’s Why One of Dubai’s Royalty Bets on This Crypto Fund

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s The Private Office has been on the hunt for a blockchain investment as part of the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021, and the company has finally landed on a recipient—Liechtenstein-based Invao, that will serve as an exclusive international partner for blockchain investments.

With this investment, Invao will be playing a core role in the implementation of the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021. That is no small mantle to take on, with a market that has seen an 80% decline, the public’s cooling sentiment on crypto-assets, and by extension, the general realm of blockchain (which may be an unfair situation, but that’s  just how things are).

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The Emirates is now a breeding ground for a rapidly developing fintech scene, and thus a sought-after destination for expanding fintechs. The trend encapsulates blockchain firms, keen on regulators that seems to at least appreciate the impact that blockchain technology may provide once it hits its stride.

This all translates to what was probably a very competitive lobby process for The Private Office’s blockchain partner, which drives the question: why Invao?

For one thing, Invao is actually turning a profit in this period of crypto-decline, with no bull period expected anytime soon.

On the surface, Invao is a full-suite blockchain asset and digital currency investment ecosystem, but with emphasis on research-based trading that should be both diverse, balanced, and automated. The platform trades a diversified portfolio of blockchain assets and cryptocurrencies, represented in only one single token. Investments can be made without lockup periods as well.

The company also tries to be socially conscious, by setting aside 20% of their net profits dedicated to fund social and ecological impact projects.

With the Ivo token serving as a more straightforward key performance indicator, Invao has aspirations towards outperforming the top 30 cryptocurrencies index, with a goal of providing a more stable ecosystem as crypto-assets undergo its volatile, nascent phase.

If handled well, Invao is able to cater to two different investor interests: profits, and wanting their investment to make a difference.

The company’s presence in the Emirates began with an investor roadshow across Middle East, with events held in Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The move to invest into Invao also seals in stone The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed’s strategy of collaboration as the direction towards building up the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021.

Featured image via Invao