Author: Rahim Kaba, VP Product Marketing, OneSpan


Rahim Kaba

Rahim Kaba is a passionate and results-driven digital technology leader who has played a key role in advancing digitization initiatives at banks, insurance companies, and government organizations around the world. As VP Product Marketing at OneSpan, he leads the go-to-market strategy of the company's growing portfolio of digital agreement and digital identity solutions. Throughout his 15+ year career, Rahim has been motivated by building great businesses through a deep understanding of the market, and finding new and innovative ways to address customer challenges using technology.

Digital banking has been displacing many branch interactions in the move towards digital. As consumers increasingly engage with their banks remotely and circumstances such as the pandemic as well as new digitally-focused strategies continue to play out, there are ongoing questions and serious challenges for banks in defining new models and transitioning to digital offerings. Many customers will use self-service digital channels most of the time while others turn first towards channels where they can get human help. The latter is still essential for certain transactions, interactions, or even as part of some activities. Most banks are transforming to a…

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