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The Status Quo of Open Finance in the Arab World

In Arab countries, open banking is rapidly evolving into the more comprehensible model of open finance, expanding from payment accounts and related services, to a larger variety of financial services, including investments, pensions, insurance and consumer credit. With so many

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Morocco Emerges as Third Largest Fintech Hub in the Arab World

Morocco is the third largest fintech hub in the Arab world, hosting 13% of all 400 active fintech solutions, or about 40 fintech solutions, according to a research by financial inclusion think tank Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP).

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New Report Calls for Open Banking Harmonization Across the Arab World

Open banking is making inroads in the Arab world but visions and strategies between countries across the region vary dramatically. Defining a holistic vision for open banking in the region will allow Arab countries to fully reap the fruits of

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