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Industry Experts Highlight Opportunities and Challenges of Gen AI in Finance

In the financial services industry, generative artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to usher in a myriad of opportunities, promising enhanced job productivity, improved efficiencies and hyper-personalization. But despite these prospects, the technology is also expected to introduce a number of

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MENA’s Banking Sector Driven by AI and Digital Transformation

The banking sector in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is anticipated to experience significant growth, a development which will be driven by rising demand for banking services, ongoing progress of digital transformation, and the expansion of digital banking,

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Qatari Banks Embrace Fintech, Digital Technology to Maintain Relevance

In Qatar, banking institutions are at the forefront of fintech innovation as they embrace new technologies, innovative payments methods and novel business models to keep up with changing customers’ preferences, a new report by global consultancy says. The 2023 Qatar

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