Author: Séba Daher, Lead Solutions Consultant, Payments at Finastra


Séba Daher

Séba Daher, Lead Solutions Consultant, Payments at Finastra covering Middle East & Africa with more than 17 years in Financial Services and Technology industries across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Séba has extensive experience in payments, technology, cybersecurity and large transformation programmes with global and regional banks and led strategic payment opportunities in the Middle East region.

The accelerated digitalisation that swept the globe in the last two years has led to widespread adoption of digital financial services. Customers – both individuals and businesses – now want their services fulfilled instantly, and that extends to cross-border settlements as well. As a result, payment hubs are fast becoming the default approach for banks to manage payments. Put simply, a payments hub is a flexible platform that enables banks to build their own payments services that can integrate with multiple systems and channels, essentially breaking down the silos present in legacy structures. In addition, these hubs enable banks to…

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