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5 Blockchain Startups in the UAE to Watch Closely

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is making strides to become a leader in blockchain technology enriching the blockchain UAE scene with vibrant projects. The Dubai government is currently working with 20 blockchain projects and has made partnerships with IBM and

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Iran’s Central Bank: Cryptocurrency Ban May Be Lifted In September

A national draft project is aiming at introducing a state-backed digital currency. Iran’s Central Bank deputy for innovative technologies, Nasser Hakimi, advances the regulatory apparatus should be finalized within one month. Ban crypto or create crypto? A previous post already

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Iran: Cryptocurrencies Could Be A Way To Circumvent U.S. Sanctions

A High Representative of the Iranian government has once again expressed how cryptocurrency could play a vital and major role for the country’s economy. It gradually seems that Iran is at all costs seeking an alternative to the current and

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