UAE SMEs, Consumers Embrace Cashless Payments at Fast Pace

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), digital payments and cashless transactions are becoming the new norm as both consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) continue to actively embrace these solutions. A new research study by Visa found that compared

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Report: Adopt an Agile Digital Banking Platform

CR2’s latest market insight report, ‘Adopt an Agile Digital Banking Platform’ has been written in collaboration with Stessa Cohen, an internationally recognised expert on the digital transformation of the global banking industry. In the report, Stessa identifies how bankers must

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Tutuka, Paymentology Merge to Form New Payments and Card Processing Powerhouse

Issuer processors Paymentology and Tutuka announced that both entities are merging to create a new payments and card processing powerhouse. Operating under the Paymentology name, the merger creates a new force in payment solutions which gives banks and fintechs the

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